We are so excited for 2018 Recruitment at Pepperdine this upcoming fall. Recruitment is an opportunity to learn what it truly means to have Theta Love and be a Theta for a lifetime. Our Chief Recruitment Officer, Yvonne Cheng, offers advice to all those interested in recruitment this fall. 

Dear Potential New Member,

My sisters and I are so excited to meet you all this fall during recruitment! Fall recruitment can be a crazy time and can be overwhelming, but it it completely worth it in the end when you find your home. 

I remember when I was going through the process of recruitment as a PNM and thinking, Wow, I can't wait to have a group full of sisters and friends that last a lifetime. From the awesome mixers and formals, the sisterhood is the most exciting and amazing thing I have experienced my time here at Pepperdine. 

Theta Love means you're never alone, whether it's having a seat in the caf, a study buddy in Payson, a shoulder to cry on, a work out buddy, a partner in crime, and so much more. To me, Theta Love means having a variety of job and internship connections. It means 2am Sprinkles Cupcake runs. It means being in awe of your Big and finding it hard to believe someone so perfect chose you to be her Little. It means getting a Little who is your best friend. Theta has brought me a Big and two Littles that are my best friends which I know will last a lifetime. Theta is love, laughter, and loyalty. 

I realize how terribly chichè this might sound, but Kappa Alpha Theta sisterhood has genuinely exceeded everything I was looking for in a sorority. 

We can't wait to meet you this fall!! 

Theta Love and Mine,

Yvonne Cheng
Chief Recruitment Officer



Panhellenic Fall 2018 Formal Recruitment begins on September 13!!!
Until then, check out our Fall 2016 Recruitment video to see what Theta Love truly means!

During Fall 2017 we have gained an amazing group of sisters who contribute leadership, service, and love to our chapter. Initiating them was such an honor as they all truly embody and serve out Theta Love. 

We are looking forward to Recruitment in the fall and having a new pledge class to call our home in our sisterhood.

For more information on Kappa Alpha Theta, you can check out our Facebook, our Instagram (@thetapepperdine), or #THETAPEPPERDINE